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by Jim Arvanitis

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PublisherPaladin Press
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GanreClassical History / Classical Civilisation
Release date 01.04.2011
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"MOLON LABE!""Come and get it," the battlefield cry of the ancient Spartan warriors.When Jim Arvanitis resurrected the ancient Greek martial art of pankration and updated it with the most effective concepts and techniques from other combative systems, he developed what many acknowledge to be one of world's first mixed martial arts (MMA). Now, Arvanitis has delved further into Greek martial history and revived the lost art of pammachon, or "battlefield pankration" the military predecessor of pankration that takes the art out of the sporting arena and into the streets, where the objective is not competing to win a prize but fighting to save your life.Battlefield Pankration: The Book is a complete course in the nasty business of hard-core "conflict resolution." The techniques require no athleticism to perform but are based purely on raw animal instinct. The instruction blends the brutal competitive training of the MMA arena with the intensity of reality-based scenario drills. Its goal is not to show you how to engage in an uncontrolled brawl but to teach you dozens of tactical means to end an altercation quickly.Whether the fight is stand up or on the ground, whether your assailant is armed or unarmed, whether you are facing one or more opponents, Battlefield Pankration: The Book will show you how to handle all stages of a violent encounter with streetwise strategies, vicious techniques, and the warrior spirit of the ancient Spartans!"

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